Modern knitted textiles inspired by traditional craft and Scottish harbours: A collection of nautically coloured, playful fabrics with a strong focus on tactility and structure. 

‘Harbour Textures’ explores the revival and modernisation of hand techniques within contemporary constructed textiles. There is an opportunity to combine and contrast hand and machine-knit techniques, allowing these methods to be exploited and experienced together in a new light, alongside the modern renaissance of knitwear.


Taking a maritime theme as the inspiration and visual source, particular emphasis has been placed on fishing boats and harbours. Key inspiration derives from the clean graphic lines of fishing boats and buoys, contrasting against the large-scale rope work, rigging and deteriorating paintwork.


Quality merino and soft lambswool yarns have been contrasted with rope work and large-scale felt tops for an interesting range of weights and scales within the collection. Through juxtaposing a variety of hand techniques combined with reinvented manipulations of flat bed and double bed machine techniques, a collection of contemporary pieces, focusing heavily on hybrid manipulation, tactility, contrasting scale, and structure has been produced.